“A thing of beauty is a joy forever; Its loveliness increases; It will never pass into nothingness; but still will keep”
– John Keats


At Shens Therapeutics
Our Philosophy is
Vitalised, Ageless and Empowering Beauty

Vitalised Beauty

Our goal is to bring innovation and quality treatments to you, while introducing novel perspectives on beauty and rejuvenation. True beauty is more than just physical appearance. We believe in vitalised beauty, where every aspect of your life plays a role, such as fitness, happiness and health. We firmly believe that every person has a tremendous potential for beauty and joy, and you should take responsibility in achieving vitalised beauty.

Vitalised Beauty

Ageless Beauty

Our philosophy is to achieve ageless beauty, whilst preserving and celebrating what is uniquely beautiful in you. At Shens Aesthetics, we will collaborate with you synergistically to achieve your goals. We believe in inspiring you to breach your mental and physical limitations and make your dream a reality.

Beauty is appreciated differently at various stages of life and our desire is for you to achieve ageless beauty by looking naturally youthful at any stage of your life.

Vitalised Beauty


We use our face and bodies to communicate with the world. Beauty empowers you to act confidently and with elegance. Here at Shens Therapeutics, we provide you with a holistic view of beauty and the opportunity to empower and celebrate yourself with our gift of beauty. We believe that beauty and happiness are intertwined. You have the opportunity to experience both inner and outer beauty at Shens Therapeutics.

Vitalised Beauty

Embracing New Technology

We are committed to science and innovation. We pride ourselves in providing you with access to the latest aesthetic technologies. Our approach is meticulously and vigorously tested for safety, efficacy and results. Our treatments are created in consultation with and designed by, medical doctors to target a wide spectrum of beauty needs.

We handpick our team of experienced estheticians, who are fully trained and effective at customising age defying and youth enhancing treatments. We provide individual consultations and tailored programs so that you can achieve your personal brand of beauty.

Vitalised Beauty

Skin Care Philosophy

Our Skincare philosophy is to reverse the signs of aging using formulations which combine natural and state-of-the art ingredients without disruptive ingredients such as parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, sulfates, alcohol and fragrance or artificial dyes.

The Dr Shens Skincare range is proudly formulated by talents in Singapore – pharmacists and doctors and made in Singapore using ingredients sourced from USA, Europe and Japan. We blend the highest optimal percentage of active ingredients for clinically effective results.

Vitalised Beauty

Our Core Values

At Shens Therapeutics, we are passionate about beauty and aesthetic therapies. We are passionate about new technology that is safe and effective. Above all, we are passionate about achieving your goals.

  • We serve with a high standard of integrity.
  • We respect each person’s uniqueness and diversity and treat each one with care.
  • We believe that our treatments and products embody scientifically proven results.
  • We believe in inspiring people to achieve their goals in beauty, wellness and happiness.

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