Medical Indiba<sup>®</sup> Hair Regeneration System


Medical Indiba® Hair Regeneration System


A large percentage of men would experience some forms of hair loss or hair thinning in their lifetime. In general, the common causes of hair loss are due to heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions and stress. However, you can reduce the chances of the complication from worsening by taking adequate action now.

At Shens Therapeutics, our Medical Indiba® Hair Regeneration System utilises patented Proionic System of radiofrequency to bring the best ions movement to restore cell activity to the hair follicles and scalps. Both serum and an applicator would be used over your scalp further to stimulate ion-binding and cell growth on the treated areas.This treatment helps to improve your head's blood circulation, oxygenation, encouraging a better supply of vitamins and nutrients to promote hair growth.


  • Stimulate healthy hair growth
  • Increase hair follicles size and hair thickness
  • Proliferate hair density
  • Slow down and reduce hair fall
  • Improve hair texture and blood circulation
  • Richer supply of vitamins and nutrients to the scalp
  • No side-effects
  • Non-invasive

Medical Indiba®, an FDA approved, and clinically proven technology is used to deliver electro-thermal energy via specialised radio frequency waves. An applicator is used over your scalp, and you will feel a relaxing warm massage. With the additional use of our premium PDRN hair serum, the Medical Indiba® Hair Regeneration System treatment is able to extend its regenerative capabilities of biostimulation, microcirculation, and hyperactivation of the cellular activities within the hair follicles.

The proven technology is also able to provide metabolic nutrients (Vitamins, beneficial minerals, oxygen and amino acid) that your hair follicles requires for the hair cycle — hair cell growth and its replication.

Recommended protocol: Intensive treatment (4 sessions on the first week), and followed by the maintenance (2 - 3 sessions weekly). Results are cumulative and palpable fruition of the treatment could be observed from the second month onwards.

The treatment is non-invasive and painless.

After 2 - 3 weeks of Medical Indiba® Hair Regeneration System, you would be able to notice thin, soft hairs known as vellus hairs growing from the treated areas. Hence, after 2 - 3 months of progressive treatment, the diameter of the hair shaft at the treated areas would increase, and overall hair structure would also improve as the hair thickens.

This treatment is for individuals who are currently at the initial to the middle phase of hair loss due to heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions and stress.

James Cucina, 46

“ I maintain what's left of my crown here. There are some acelerated hair growth but I'm eager to complete my 3rd month and see what happens! Staff service here is excellent. ”

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