Rear Lift


Rear Lift


Get an amazing butt without hitting the gym super hard. Enjoy a warm and relaxing massage whilst innovative technology delivers a patented Proionic System of radio frequency into your target area to lift your bottoms, tighten and smoothen skin. The treatment is 100% non-invasive and will give you the results of a perky rear, without undergoing surgery.


  • Tone and contour your bottom for a lifted effect
  • Tightens and tones skin
  • Non-invasive and zero down time

Medical Indiba, an FDA approved and clinically proven technology, is used to deliver electro-thermal energy via specialised radio frequency waves. An applicator is used over your bottom and bottom roll, and you will feel a relaxing warm massage. Through the three modalities of radio frequency energy, thermal and mechanical effect, unwanted fat deposits will melt away and collagen will be restructured and strengthened, giving your bottom a lifted and toned effect.

Recommended protocol: An intensive treatment (4 - 6 sessions weekly), followed by the maintenance (once per month).

The treatment is non-invasive and painless.

Immediately after the first treatment, you will see a lifted effect and tightened skin. With completion of the treatment protocol, the appearance of your skin will improve progressively as collagen is restructured and rebuilt, pulling your bottom upward and giving it a lifted and toned appearance. In addition, you will see fat bulges dissolving and dimply skin smoothen. Results continue to improve over several weeks as your body naturally builds up collagen and eliminates fatty lipids from the target area.

This treatment is for individuals who is currently at the initial to middle phase of droopy bottoms resulting from age factors and overall weakened saggy skin.


  • Saggy skin and droopy bottom
  • Stubborn localised fat

Wan Ling, 31

"Rear Lift is great for those with no time to exercise. Love the natural effects this treatment brings."



Rear Lift

After 8 Sessions

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