June 2021

3 Ways To Brighten Your Underarm | Shens Therapeutics


Have you recently bought a sleeveless or off-shoulder top but in fear of others catching a glimpse of your dark underarm? For many individuals, dark underarms can cause them to lack self-esteem and confidence.  

Unless you’re one of the few who are born without underarm hair, you would have probably experienced the pain of shaving, plucking or waxing. It is noted that dark and discoloured underarms are often due to excessive shaving, accumulation of dead skin cells, excessive sweating, bad forms of ventilation in clothing, friction from tight clothing and the use of deodorants or antiperspirants (chemical irritants). While more often than not, discoloured underarms aren’t any form of medication conditions, but it does give us hints on some of the lifestyle changes we could make to improve the situation.

Nevertheless, before taking a deep dive into how you can brighten the dark pigmentation and brighten your underarms, it’s important to understand more about your underarm skin.

In short, the underarm skin is a delicate area of the body, which is similar to that of our eyelid skin. It’s thin, easily irritable, and our underarm skin folds onto itself — increasing the absorption of any product or moisture in that area. It’s imperative to know that any form of irritation from the applicable products or sweat can result in overall discolouration or darker pigmentation. Hence, the longer the dark pigmentation has been present, it would take a longer time to see significant improvement in the brightening of pigmentation.


Without further ado, Shens Therapeutics has rounded up some tips and ways that can help you brighten your underarm.


Stash Away The Shaving Kit, Choose IPL Instead


Yes, stop shaving. Shaving tends to be the number one factor of underarm darkening as the hair is cut right above the skin’s surface, causing friction (friction dermatitis) to the skin and resulting in an accumulation of dead skin cells. Regularly shaving the underarms can lead to excessive production of dark pigment cells.

Furthermore, shaving often causes the skin to be exposed and vulnerable to the undesired risk of a bacteria infection from sweat or environmental influence. Thus, increasing the chances of dark pigmentation forming too.

With that, individuals who wish to prevent their underarm from darkening or wishes to brighten their existing dark underarms can opt for an Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment instead. Not only does IPL treatments have the ability to get rid of the body hair permanently, but it can also help to eliminate and brighten dark pigmentation at the same time.




At Shens Therapeutics, our Hair Away IPL is the safest and most effective treatment for permanent body hair reduction. The Hair Away IPL treatment is fast and with no downtime. Utilising the intense, pulsating light from Photoflash IPL equipment, the laser is able to target your hair follicles and prevent future growth. The laser will not damage the skin or soft tissues in the area of the treatment.

The Hair Away IPL treatments are done 4 to 6 weeks apart to ensure effective results and maximise overall hair removal by targeting the body hair at different growth cycles. The results are gradual, and it would become more visible and effective with each successive treatment.

Recommended protocol: An intensive treatment of 6 sessions (one session monthly), and followed by the maintenance (one session yearly). The recommended sessions can help to effectively reduce the growth of the body hair by 80 – 90%.




As mentioned in the previous segment, the underarm skin is a delicate area that needs to be treated with the same amount of care and attention as the skin on our face. Hence, this also means that it would require regular exfoliating to remove the dead skin cells, which could help light your underarm

The exfoliant can help break down dry and dead skin while smoothing texture, which means the skin appears to look more uniform over time. Thus, this also helps to increase the cell turnover rate and keeps your skin fresh at the surface. In the long term, the exfoliation process can combat rough texture, dark spots and hyperpigmentation. 



To brighten the underarm, individuals could try using a body scrub or a facial exfoliator on the underarm 2 to 3 times a week.


Change Your Brand Of Deodorant / Antiperspirant


According to clinical studies, many deodorant and antiperspirants available in the market contain parabens, alcohol, fragrances, and aluminium that can irritate the skin and cause inflammation, leading to underarm darkening. Ingredients like aluminium can also clog up the sweat ducts worsening the condition of excessive dryness and pigmentation.

Hence, one can try to pick an alternative or a natural product that provides the same function of eliminating odours.




At Shens Therapeutics, we understand that body odour may be a concern or a problem for some individuals, especially in a warm country like Singapore. So, you may be questioning, “how does one banish sweat without odour if we were not to rely on synthetic deodorant or antiperspirant?”

Individuals can look out for natural ingredients when picking your deodorants, such as apple cider vinegar, glycerin, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, clay, charcoal, essential oils, shea and cocoa butter, coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder, and vitamin E. Even though the ingredients above may not reduce the emission of sweat, but they can help to get rid of body odour by eliminating bacteria.



Although dark underarms are usually nothing to be worried about, it is still worth getting it sorted out at the earlier stages, as the darker it gets, the longer time it would be required to brighten it up again.

With the above tips and ways on how you can brighten your underarm above, Shens Therapeutics hopes that you would be able to show off your beauty confidently with your underarm situation sorted!


For individuals who are interested in Shens Therapeutics Hair Away IPL, feel free to contact our customer support team via the hotline or WhatsApp.

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