August 2021

5 Reasons To Include Niacinamide In Your Skincare Routine | Shens Therapeutics

Skincare and the broad definition of beauty are constantly evolving, while the ways of achieving one’s beauty goal continue to expand. From time to time, it seems as though there is always a new powerhouse ingredient that gained a heavyweight status in the skincare world. Hence, today we would be talking about niacinamide.

Compared to ingredients like vitamin c, hyaluronic acid or retinol, niacinamide may not get as much buzz and popularity. However, at Shens Aesthetics, we feel that niacinamide is the skincare unsung hero ingredient that deserves its well equal praise. In short, niacinamide exists in most of our cleansers, serums, as well as moisturising creams while offering a litany of different benefits that make these products an excellent pick for a wide variety of skin types and complexion concerns.

We understand that many individuals are unfamiliar with niacinamide and its amazing benefits. Therefore, let us explore that and discover the 5 Reasons To Include Niacinamide In Your Skincare Routine

Let us begin!

What Is Niacinamide?

Simply put, niacinamide is a form of vitamin B-3, an essential nutrient that allows our skin, kidney and brain to function optimally. Oral consumption or topically absorbing the niacinamide can help prevent B-3 deficiency and lowering the chances of disorders of the organ listed above.

Hence, for individuals who are looking to improve their skin health, niacinamide would be the key ingredient to look out for in any skincare product. Niacinamide is one of two forms of vitamin B-3 involved in many important cellular functions of the skin (which we will be discussing in the following segment), building proteins in the skin and locking in moisture to prevent environmental damage. Other than the above, topical niacinamide may help treat certain skin conditions, including acne and eczema.

And, when we say that niacinamide is a powerhouse skincare ingredient, we truly meant it. Let us check out the plethora of incredible benefits that this indomitable ingredient provides for our health!

What Skin Care Benefits Does Niacinamide Offer?


Skin Elasticity & Strength

Niacinamide helps build keratin. In short, keratin is the main protein in your skin and makes up hair, nails, and the surface layer of the skin. By propagating and enhancing keratin in our body, the overall increase in keratin helps to make the skin stronger, more resilient and helps reduce damage to the tissues from friction.

Aside from the above, topical application of keratin for skin showed an ability to inhibit the damage on important skin structural components, thus resulting in a significant increase in overall skin elasticity. Thus, keeping your skin firm lowers the chances of skin sagging due to ageing and helps to lock in the hydrating properties.


Lipid Barrier

Niacinamide can help your skin grow a ceramide (lipid) barrier. According to National Center for Biotechnology Information, the topical application of nicotinamide can help to increase ceramide and free fatty acid levels in the stratum corneum and decrease transepidermal water loss in dry skin. Thus, further retaining the moisture in the skin.

The ceramide barrier is beneficial for all skin types, especially individuals who are troubled by eczema or mature skin, as they tend to suffer from periodically dry skin.


Reduce Inflammation & Redness

With an improved epidermal lipid barrier, the skin’s natural ability to protect itself from external aggressors becomes vastly improved. Over time and with a daily application of a Niacinamide (topical or oral consumption), individuals tend to be able to observe prominent improvements in their overall skin quality and structure. 

The improvement in overall skin health also helps your skin to better cope with any forms of inflammatory skin conditions. Redness, blotchiness and sensitivity brought about by exposure to the environment due to a poorly functioning barrier will also diminish.


Minimise Pores

By controlling and lowering sebum, Niacinamide prevents pores from getting caught with excess oil and dirt, thereby preventing them from stretching and invariably leading to smaller pores. This makes the skin look smoother.


Prevents Oil Production Overdrive

Despite niacinamide being specifically beneficial for individuals who are troubled by dry skin or eczema, the benefits of moisture retention are good for all skin types. When our skin retains its natural moisture with a well-functioning lipid barrier, the skin’s natural oil flow becomes controlled. This helps regulate the sebum secretion produced by the sebaceous glands and prevent the glands from going into overdrive by thinking that it is dry and needs more oil production. 

Hence, for individuals who have oily skin, rather than trying to wash it scrupulously away and exacerbate the problem, you can consider the topical application of Niacinamide for the skin to get the excessive oil flow under control.


Protects Against Sun Damage

Do you love being out in the sun? Here’s one for you! Niacinamide further aids in protecting the skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) as nicotinamide helps to restore cellular energy, repair damaged DNA, and reduce the immunosuppressive effects of the UV rays.

Aside from the above, niacinamide also concurrently rebuild healthy skin cells to regulates the overproduction of pigmented cells caused by the sun’s heat.

So yes, sunny Singapore, no problem when you have your sunscreen and niacinamide!


Treats Hyperpigmentation

Some research has found 5 percent niacinamide concentrations can be helpful in lightening dark spots. Benefits were seen after four weeks, but not beyond two months. This benefit may be due to increased collagen production.


Minimise Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Research has also found that the same concentration was helpful in reducing some signs of sun damage that come with ageing. It has been noted that topical niacinamide can reduce fine lines and wrinkles after prolonged use. The 12-week clinical study of a topical 5% niacinamide emulsion demonstrated a 21% improvement in fine lines along with a 14% skin tone clarity and 15% radiance improvement.


Protects Against Oxidative Stress

While many antioxidants such as vitamin c or e can help to prevent damage caused by oxidative stress, the constant exposure to free radicals from the environment, air pollution, sun, and toxins can still cause our skin to lose its radiance over time. However, niacinamide goes a step further to protect against oxidative stress, reverse signs of skin ageing and provide the hydration volume to reduce skin sallowness (yellowing)


Treats Acne

Niacinamide’s anti-inflammatory properties make it an attractive treatment for skin conditions marked by inflammation, like acne. According to the International Journal of Dermatology, niacinamide is relatively non-irritating compared to other acne treatments. Results have shown that individuals suffering from acne may see fewer lesions and improved skin texture over time.


With all the amazing benefits listed above, are you currently looking to add niacinamide into your skincare routine? Here’s what to expect! As with any new skincare product, you probably won’t see any significant results for several weeks.

At Shens Therapeutics, we would advise individuals to continue the application of niacinamide (oral consumption supplements or topical application) for more than 8 weeks to see visible transformation such as smoother, toned, and hydrated skin.

Hence, if you are looking for facial treatments with similar benefits, you can check out Shens Therapeutics Clarity Facial, Hydro Skin Booster and VitaNutrient Skin Booster.

For more information on the facial treatments available at Shens Therapeutics to reach your skin and beauty goals, feel free to contact our customer support team via our hotline or WhatsApp.

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