January 2021

Are gold facials worth the hype?


Are gold facials worth the hype? 

“Here’s what you need to know about gold facials.”

With the advent of the pandemic in 2020, face masks have become the most ubiquitous item in society and have led to a new fashion statement. However, the prolonged wearing of face masks has given rise to its own issues. The ‘airless’ environment within the masks and extended exposure of humidity aggravates the skin and causes ‘Maskne’ (an acne outbreak caused by prolonged wearing of the mask). With this enclosed environment, bacteria manifests on our skin which further adds to an acne outbreak.

With that said, many are looking into ways to coddle their delicate skin and uncover their beauty in the new year.

Gold Facial - Cleopatra

Commonly, most online beauty trends floating around tend to disappear as quickly as we scroll through our social media feed. On the contrary, one treatment has been lauded since ancient times — the gold mask movement. In short, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra was said to have slept with a gold mask on a nightly basis to nourish her skin and keep it soft. Contemporaneously, the ancient Romans and the Queen of the Qing dynasty (China) also used gold-infused treatment for a variety of beauty regimes.

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With the undying gold facial treatment trend underway, you must be wondering what kind of skin benefits does gold provide? Are gold facials worth all the hype? Without further ado, let’s delve into the science behind 24K gold on your delicate skin.

What Are The Benefits Of A Gold Facial?

woman with wrinkles

  • Banishes Fine Lines, Spots, Gunk & Waste

Due to its metallic properties, gold offers plenty of skin-enriching properties. Gold can help stimulate cellular growth of the basal (deepest) layer of skin and allows it to regenerate healthily. It firms the skin cells and provides a tightening effect by discharging waste from the skin. This, in turn, reduces wrinkles, spots, blemishes, and fine lines.

Besides the above, gold can also slow down collagen and elastin depletion, preventing sagging skin and wrinkles.

With the skin cleared up, it also means better absorption of nutrients. The gold nanoparticles have been proven to have a stabilizing effect on other active ingredients which are applied to the skin. This allows the skin to alleviate the nutrients’ absorption and make beneficial skin products more potent when combined with gold.

woman with acne on her face

  • Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Bacterial

Since ancient times, individuals worldwide have been using gold for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties to treat a variety of skin disorders. With that, the application of gold on the skin is the perfect treatment to expel bacteria on our skin caused by the long hours of wearing facial masks.

This would undoubtedly reduce the chances of the skin being aggravated as the gold facial treatment can help treat skin infections and acne. Thus, resulting in the prevention of unwanted acne outbreak and boosting cell renewal.

Gold Sheet - 2

  • Gold Never Age

Yes, gold never ages, and so does your face — after a gold facial treatment, of course.

It is widely known that gold is able to fight off free-radicals (an accumulative result of oxidative damage to the cells and tissues) to prevent premature ageing of the skin.

asian woman with radiant Skin

  • A Radiant Glow

Besides the above benefits, the application of gold also offers a brilliant glow-giving fix to the face — allowing your skin to be laced with a shimmering gold sheen. Hence, topping it off with a boosted blood circulation and overall tighten pores!

So, is ‘gold facial treatment’ worth the hype?

At Shens Therapeutics, our answer would be a sounding yes! With the benefits stated above, gold is no longer just for your jewellery box; it’s also an essential ingredient to look out for your next facial treatment.

Her World: Spa & Wellness Awards 2021

In this marvellous year of renewal, Shens Therapeutics is pleased to announce that our 24K Ultra Gold Face Therapy have won Her WorldBest Medispa Instant Brightening Treatment’ award!

Her World Award 2021

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