August 2021

Face Washing 101: Temperature, Method & Frequency | Shens Therapeutics

Since the initiation of skincare practices, there are several old wives tales of the beauty world that seem to stick around despite multiple attempts to debunk their eminence and effectiveness. Thus, placing the utmost importance and attention on how one carries out “face washing” is certainly one of them.

It may often seem that face washing is one of the most simple routines throughout our days that most individuals tend to get by quickly (and, often sloppily too). However, the virtue of face washing could make the difference between a radiant complexion or unwanted acne break out (learn more about acne treatment).

Although our skin health is primarily a reflection of what we put into our bodies, there are external and environmental factors that influence how it behaves. Living in the sunny metropolitan city, Singapore, we are constantly exposed to unwanted pollution, dust and now, our masks. Yes, the constant wearing of the mask can sometimes cause our pores to be clogged. As most of our skin already has oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells, the prolonged hours of wearing a mask can build up more of these substances and block our pores. On that account, it further bolsters the need for us to cleanse our faces properly.


At Shens Therapeutics, we believe that no matter the type of skin type, texture or skin condition, face washing remains the number one essential step for any skincare routine. In many of our previous posts, we have advocated that an overall quality cleansing of the skin is more important than the number of times which one would have their face washed in a day.

If you are concerned about how you wash your face or looking for ways to maximise the benefits of your daily cleansing, this Face Washing 101 Guide would certainly alleviate you towards your goal of healthy skin! Let us take a deep dive into the do’s and don’ts of face washing, turn on the tap and get to work!

Do’s & Don’ts


1: Double Cleansing (Removes Make-Up & Mild Face Wash)

If you’re a constant reader of our writings or a skincare enthusiast, you would probably be somewhat familiar with the term “double cleansing”. To effectively purge out all the toxins and unclog the pores to prevent any congestion, the double cleansing method removes the dirt, makeup, and excess oil on the skin.

The double cleansing method usually comprises a two-step routine that uses a makeup remover to cleanse the surface (dirt, makeup and other debris) and a mild face wash to remove the skin’s sebum or excess oil.

2: Use Lukewarm Water

As the segment suggested, there has always been talks about the water temperature with which you should use to wash your face. At Shens Therapeutics, we believe the temperature of water you use when washing your face does make a difference, just not exactly in the ways you might have been told.

It is always a common belief that things tend to expand when exposed to heat, and this ‘theory’ is often applied to the pores in the beauty world. The truth is, our pores don’t really expand under heat as our pores don’t have muscles that allow them to expand and contract drastically. Hence, hot water does not certainly aid in the cleaning of unwanted gunk inside the pores. Likewise, cold water does not make your pores smaller.

The truth is water temperature extremes can cause irritation. For example, hot water can cause blood vessels to dilate, making skin look red, strips away your skin’s natural oils, leaving skin drier and possibly irritated. Removing too much oil from your skin may, in turn, stimulate your body to produce more oil to dampen the drier skin.

Compared to hot water, cold water has less chance of causing problems for your skin. However, cold water is less effective at removing excess sebum, which can lead to buildup on the skin’s surface and blocked pores over time.

We understand that individuals may experience some form of ‘gratification’, such as slight softening of the skin when using hot water or skin feeling marginally firmer when using cold water. However, these effects are often temporary, and it tends to dissipate when skin temperature returns to normal. 

So, as the segment suggested, your best bet when it comes to getting the cleanest, clearest, healthiest skin is to stick to a middle ground, the lukewarm water. By using lukewarm water, you get the cleansing benefits of heat but skip out on the risks of scalding or ‘over stripping’ the natural oil on your face.

3: Use The Recommended Amount


If you’re wondering why your cleanser isn’t working as promised (or as praised), check how much you’re using. For splurge cleansers, there might be the temptation to use less than recommended in order to extend use or save money. Don’t!

When in doubt, read the label to find the recommended amount. Products often go through trials and tests to find the most effective (and safe) amount for general use.


1: Harsh Cleansers


Harsh cleansers like soap and those cleansing products that contain alcohol can strip the skin of its natural oils and cause dryness, which will ultimately lead to premature wrinkling.

Individuals who are looking to improve their overall skin health can try to look out for mild cleansers that are more gentle on the skin. Unless they are specially formulated for the face, we would suggest avoiding the use of general body soap and skincare products that contain alcohol for your face. Products such as general body soap or soap bars can alter the skin’s pH balance (which allows for more bacteria and yeast growth). Again, knowing your skin type will help you to better determine the types of ingredients that are appropriate for your regimen.

If you are looking for a mild and gentle cleanser, you can check out DR SHENS Cleanser

2: Over Washing

Yes, over washing. At times, too much of a good thing is actually bad. Similar to what we have mentioned in the earlier segment, over-washing may, in turn, make your skin drier, over stripped of its natural oil and possibly irritation. Hence, overwashing may also cause individuals who have oily skin to produce more of its natural oil to dampen the drier skin. 

The key is to know your skin type and wash accordingly. For example, if you have very oily skin, you may have to wash your face with a cleanser twice a day to keep your skin in check. However, if you have drier skin, once per day may just do the trick of keeping your skin clean and debris free.

3: Over Exfoliating

Your skin has a natural barrier that protects it and helps it retain moisture. 

We agree that facial scrubs can help to remove stubborn dead skin and unclog pores. However, doing too much of it can actually damage the outermost layer of the skin. Excessive exfoliation can irritate the skin, which can lead to unwanted acne.

Individuals can try to narrow down their selection of daily cleansing products to one mild and gentle cleanser. Focus on applying a light pressure via the fingertips with the cleanser, and gently move your fingertips in upward, circular motions all over your face.

The Bottom Line

Your face is the first thing the world sees, and we would undoubtedly want the most important part of our body to radiate the glow and healthiness. Face washing is the first step in achieving that. 

In short, face washing helps maintain your skin’s natural state and is probably the most essential for any skincare routine. However, one should further experiment with what frequency and cleanser work best for his/her skin type. 

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At times, individuals may be clouded with work, and one may find it hard to put in extra effort or pay close attention to their skin. Thus, seeking professional facial treatments is the most effective way possible to cleanse, rejuvenate and pamper your skin. At Shens Therapeutics, you can try out our highly effective facial cleansing treatment, Clarity Facial.


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The treatment is further enhanced with a lifting facial massage, relaxing shoulder massage and a custom Masque for your skin type. A light manual extraction is included.

You can combine this treatment with Deep Infusion Electroporation technology for electro-current assisted penetration of custom potent active nutrients, promoting long term skin health.

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