May 2021

Guide to PDRN: Does PDRN truly live up to its hype? | Shens Therapeutics

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In our previous article, we have mentioned that many individuals are on a quest for youthful, glowing skin, and it seems that it continues to be a ceaseless one. The pursuit will constantly be an uphill task, whereby individuals fight against natural skin ageing. Living in a city like Singapore does not make it any easier as we are inevitably exposed to pollutants, UV (Ultra Violet Rays), stress, and other environmental aggressors daily.

An intensive routine of incorporating sunscreen, cleansing, toning and moisturising does go a long way in keeping your skin looking all dewy. However, they don’t necessarily aid or correct the damages that have already been inflicted at the deeper dermis layer.

With that, if you’re looking for an anti-ageing product or solution that can target the roots of the stressors that contribute to skin ageing on a cellular level, will you give it a go? PDRN might be your best bet to do just that.

What exactly is PDRN?


In short, PDRN stands for Polydeoxyribonucleotide, a covalent bond molecule created using salmon DNA fragments, and it is commonly used for tissue repair while containing anti-inflammatory properties to stimulate skin rejuvenation. These molecules of the salmon DNA fragments carry remarkable ability to speed up wound healing. Thus, it can help improve the skin’s physiological condition and elasticity, leaving it dewy and healthy-looking.

It has been noted that PDRN has been long used as a tissue-repair stimulating agent for several dermatological conditions such as ulcers and burns. According to clinical studies published in 2016, PDRN has also proven to improve pigmentation and achieve an overall whitening in complexion. PDRN is able to induce long-term skin regeneration within the skin’s dermis layer, restoring skin health that had once been damaged by adverse environmental conditions and lifestyle choices. 

And yes, it gets to work right down to the root of skin ageing at the cellular level.

How can PDRN help my skin?

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If you’re a frequent skincare product user, you may already know that PDRN is not commonly used or included in any regular skincare routine. The amalgamation of PDRN’s physicochemical properties, as well as biological properties, can help to deeply hydrate the dermis layer, reduce fine lines and pore size. As mentioned in the previous segment, the biological properties of the PDRN can also improve the conditions of acne scars and even out pigmentation.

In consonance with the reported clinical trials and studies, individuals who have undergone PDRN treatments observed an improvement in skin texture, overall collagen production, better oil and moisture balance, as well as tightened and lifted skin.

There are multiple ways (topical, injection, etc.) in which PDRN can be applied and integrated into the skin. With that, integrating this active ingredient into your skin via dermal needles or micro-needling technology allows the skin to absorb the nutrients and beneficial properties at the highest efficacy.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

Generally, at Shens Therapeutics, our PDRN treatments are targeted and designed for individuals who just entered their mid-thirties onwards as the signs of ageing tend to be more visible. Ergo, PDRN is suitable for anyone who is looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, crepey skin and regain its youthfulness.

What is the difference between PDRN and Skin Booster?

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Skin boosters are usually made with hyaluronic acid, which is great for giving your skin a hydration boost and reducing the appearance of fine lines. However, skin boosters do not have collagen-stimulating, and wound-healing properties like PDRN injections do. As a result, they don’t provide the same anti-ageing effects as PDRN injections.

*Verdict: Does PDRN live up to its hype, and is this the holy grail of anti-ageing skincare?

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At Shens Clinic, our answer would be yes! From slower healing to dull, dry skin plaguing individuals who are in their mid-thirties onwards, PDRN has made it possible to lead a more youthful future with less visible fine lines and wrinkles.

Without further ado, Shens Therapeutics is here to share with you our recommended PDRN treatment which can help you regain a youthful visage.

Shens Therapeutics Recommendation:

Korean PDRN Collagen Stimulation

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PDRN, a breakthrough innovation from Korea, is clinically proven to strengthen the skin’s regeneration ability. The PDRN is extracted from wild Korean salmon using internationally patented technology and is safe and effective for skin healing and regeneration. PDRN is introduced as microdroplets into your skin with the Microchannel System, giving you potent age-defying effects and improved skin texture.

This treatment stimulates repair and growth of fibroblast and collagen by promoting your natural cell growth factors, mainly VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor), IGF (Insulin-like growth factor) and bFGF (basic Fibroblast Growth Factor), which are the most important mediators to strengthen and regenerate youthful skin, addressing various skin concerns effectively.

The PDRN formulation is safely delivered beneath your skin surface with the Microchannel System painlessly and with minimal downtime. The Microchannel System creates micro-channels, and microdroplets of PDRN formulation are absorbed just below your skin surface.

This treatment can be applied to your face, neck, décolleté and or/hands, wherever you choose to improve and treat your skin.

Recommended Treatment: Intensive treatment of 4 sessions (one session every 2 weeks),and followed by maintenance (one session every 6 months).

If you’re interested to learn more about our PDRN treatment at Shens Therapeutics, feel free to contact our customer support team via our hotline or WhatsApp!

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