July 2021

July’s Skincare Trend: How To Achieve Mochi-Like Skin? | Shens Therapeutics

“Supple, plump, bouncy and smooth.”


The above four words are often used to describe the most notable qualities of a mochi. Similar to the origin of the mochi, the mochi skin beauty trend was first popularised in Japan and had since gained massive traction internationally. With that, if you’re envisioning the “Korean’s Glass Skin” beauty trend, which we had featured in our previous article, you’re almost right! And, yes! If we have learned about anything, almost anything that represents clarity, radiance, and hydration can undoubtedly be turned into a covetable skincare trend — the same goes for delicious Japanese dessert.

However, instead of that wet, glass-like finish similar to the Korean Glass Skin, the mochi skin beauty trend focuses on the overall skin hydration, supple, bouncy skin with a velvety plump look that is more attainable and, more importantly, maintainable – hallelujah! Thus, the skin should also look matte, smooth, soft and touchable, precisely like the pillowy Japanese rice cakes we love.

With that, let us cut the chase and take a deep dive into how we can achieve that supple, bouncy skin that looks as soft as mochi!


Double Cleanse

If you have read many of our previous write-ups about skin health and beauty trends, you’ll already know how important the cleansing process is to your skin health. In short, cleansing is the foundation for most skincare routines. 

Double cleansing not only ensures that your face is rid of all the grime and pore-clogging impurities that have gathered on your skin throughout the day, but it also allows for you to make the most of the rest of your skincare routine. 

With that, you may ask, how does it really work? Shens Therapeutics is here to guide you through the two steps! Firstly, you can start off cleansing your face with an oil-based cleanser to effectively remove any makeup or excess sebum on your face — both are oil-based. Summarily, oil cleansers work by the principle of oil attracting oil, and it helps to break them down to only be wiped away using a cotton pad.

It is also noted that oil-based cleansers tend to be gentler on the skin as they leave the natural oil layer on top of the skin, so there is minimal irritation for sensitive and rosacea-prone skin.

Next, you can cleanse your face with a water-based or gel cleanser to rinse away water-soluble particles such as dirt or other pollutants that emulsify in the lather of the surfactant. Whilst, the water-based or gel cleanser also follows up by targeting your specific skin concerns—be it hydrating, exfoliating or treating acne during the process.

Through the process of double cleansing, it can also help prevent premature skin ageing as it helps to eliminate any free radicals, toxins, and impurities from the skin’s surface. Further, reduce the chances of acne outbreaks and hyperpigmentation and prepare your skin for nutrient absorption (hydrating elements and vitamins from serums).


Shens Aesthetic’s Treatment Recommendation: Clarity Facial

Withal, if you are looking to seek professional advice and thorough facial cleansing treatment for your skin, Shens Therapeutics is here to help!

At times, individuals may be clouded with work, and one may worry that the cleansing process that they carried out at home may not be enough to unclog the pores and remove the excessive grime. Thus, choosing to seek professional facial treatments to clear up your skin.

At Shens Therapeutics, the 60 minutes Clarity Facial treatment uses a new breakthrough vortex-fusion technology with acids, antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid for better and instant results. It combines multi-step actions of peeling, cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and nutrient infusion, which is more effective than a regular manual facial, all without squeezing!

The treatment is further enhanced with a lifting facial massage, relaxing shoulder massage and a custom Masque for your skin type. Light manual extraction is also included.

You can combine this treatment with Deep Infusion Electroporation technology for electro-current assisted penetration of custom potent active nutrients, promoting long term skin health.


Recommended Treatment: One session per month


Result: You will see smoother, clearer and more radiant skin after a single session.



Mochi skin is all about hydration. So naturally, the next step would be to replenish the moisture in your skin (especially after cleansing) during your skincare routine. And that involves pampering your face with a trusty toner to lock in moisture.

Applying a small amount of toner on your skin can also help to shrink the pores, restores your skin’s pH balance and provides a layer of protection (close pores to prevent penetration of impurities).


Vitamin C Infused Hydrating Serum

Up next, serum! Other than toning, your next best bet would be investing in a good serum that contains Vitamin C to achieve the desired mochi-like skin. Vitamin C serums can help provide hydrating elements to your face, diminish the appearance of dark spots, treat hyperpigmentation, even out your skin tone, and boost skin radiance to give you a luminescent complexion.

For individuals who aren’t aware, Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can aid you in the fight against skin ageing and closing in on your goal towards a healthier-looking complexion. 



With your skin well hydrated by the Vitamin C hydrating serum, it’s time to lock in the moisture! Applying a layer of lightweight moisturiser on top of the serum would effectively allow the hydrating elements to be ‘walled in’ and continue to be absorbed by your skin throughout the day.



If the 4-step routine above is still not enough, a trip to our facial spa outlet might be just what your skin needs.

To learn more about the Clarity Facial treatment at Shens Therapeutics, feel free to contact our customer support team via our hotline or WhatsApp.

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