June 2022

What Are HydraClear Facials Good For?

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In this post, we will talk about the latest patented technology in facial treatments called HydraClear Facial. It is available at dermatologists’ offices and spa centres around Singapore. If you are curious about whether the procedure is suitable for you and what it can do for your skin, take a look as we dive into the nits and grits of HydraClear Facial.

What Is a HydraClear Facial and How Does It Work?

HydraClear Facial is a patented facial treatment that provides exfoliating action deep into the skin. It’s fair to say it offers benefits similar to those of microdermabrasion minus the abrasion activity.

This is because HydraClear Facial does not cause minor injuries in the skin like microdermabrasion or chemical peel; therefore it is less likely to lead to irritation and sensitivity. Because of the aforementioned properties, the procedure is sometimes dubbed “hydradermabrasion”.

It’s used to help with a bunch of problems such as fine lines and wrinkles, dryness, acne, age spots, and blackheads. The way it works is by exfoliating and hydrating the skin from within.

A trained operator passes a handheld device with a suction tip called vortex technology over the face, paying special attention to the T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). Unlike with microdermabrasion, no manual extractions are employed during the process.

Because it’s easier to carry out than other treatments, the procedure delivers consistent results. Patients get a healthy glow and the best skin they can dream of.

A key difference that separates HydraClear Facial from other skin resurfacing procedures is that it moisturises the skin’s surface. By contrast, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and other similar treatments don’t work that way.

Last but not least, HydraClear Facial is frequently paired with LED light therapy for better results. You can see visible skin refinement with just one session.

Preparation For The Procedure

  • It’s best to stop using any prescription creams like retinol a few days before the procedure
  • You should not undergo HydraClear Facial if you have any active rashes
  • Avoid sun exposure before and after the treatment; use sunscreen to protect your delicate skin
  • Do not smoke for 24 hours before the facial

HydraClear Facial Treatment

Treatment Process

The process of HydraClear Facial involves three steps:


The first step is to cleanse the skin from dead cells, dirt, and other impurities. A special tip is placed on the device to deliver a gentle yet powerful exfoliating action. It leaves the skin brighter and cleaner.

Vacuum suction extraction and hydration with moisturizing serums

The dirt is extracted with a suction technique. After that, every skin needs adequate hydration, even the oily skin type. The next step of the HydraClear Facial procedures takes care of that. Different hydrating serums and moisturisers are applied to the skin and spread all over the face with the handheld instrument.

Serum infusion

To finish off, the technician will add more serums to the treatment. These act as boosters to the skin. Their goal is to enhance the appearance of the skin by reducing the size of pores, minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, treating dull skin, as well as fighting hyperpigmentation and brown spots.

If you plan to get multiple treatments to obtain maximum results from the facial procedure, you ought to have them done 4 weeks apart. Our specialist will help you determine the frequency of appointments you need based on your specific concerns and skin needs.

Treatment Aftercare

Unlike with microdermabrasion and chemical peel, the procedure doesn’t have any downtime. You don’t have to do anything special to help the skin heal. In fact, you can continue your daily activities right away.

One thing you need to keep in mind is, you should not give your face a wash for a few hours after the treatment. This will allow the serums to work their magic. The other thing is that you should stay away from exfoliating products for the next couple of days.

Potential Benefits of HydraClear Facial Treatments

HydraClear Facials have many benefits. First, they offer deep cleansing effects, helping to unclog pores and enable better penetration of other facial products. Second, they enhance the overall skin texture and appearance. You will say goodbye to uneven skin tone and other skin issues.

What is more, the procedure is not aggressive and therefore safe for most people. It’s still as effective as traditional facials but without the aggressiveness that makes the skin red and inflamed. Finally, it regulates sebum function and maintains skin health.

HydraClear Facial for rosacea

The spa treatment is suitable for people with rosacea. The suction method removes dead skin cells and impurities from the uppermost layer of the skin. The serums that are incorporated into the process have calming effects. Mind you that if your condition is severe, it is not recommended that you get the treatment.

HydraClear Facial for acne

Acne does not contraindicate HydraClear Facial. Not only is the procedure safe for pimple-prone skins but it can actually remove acne-causing agents. Moreover, when shining blue or red light therapy as an extra step, you can get better outcomes. It’s worth noting that these treatments should be performed at separate intervals. Ask your doctor to explain the matter in more detail.
Here is the thing though – if you have severe acne, you should not undergo the procedure.

HydraClear Facial for blackheads, enlarged pores, and dead skin cells

Without a shadow of a doubt, the treatment is overly effective for blackheads since it cleans the pores entirely. If you are looking for a non-invasive treatment that can remove blackheads, give HydraClear Facial a go.

HydraClear Facial for anti-ageing concerns

Even though the procedure is not as powerful as other treatments (e.g. laser treatment), it can still produce the same effect. For example, it reduces breakouts and helps to minimise the signs of ageing. The best part is, it is not aggressive on the skin.

What Are The Side Effects of HydraClear Facial?

In most cases, the skin gets red after the treatment and this is completely normal, especially with regard to sensitive skins. The technician may apply a special ointment or mask that will provide soothing effects but you will still experience some redness for 30 minutes post-treatment. You can camouflage it with makeup if it bothers you that much.

Cost Of HydraClear Facial Treatment

The cost of HydraClear Facial treatments vary depending on the country you are resided in. In Singapore, you can get the treatment done from $130 upwards based on the recommended sessions and the needs of your skin. Since you can have add-ons during the procedure, the more steps you incorporate into it, the more expensive it will get.

Further to that, every clinic offers its own pricelist. If you want to learn how much you have to pay for HydraClear Facial, you should consult our specialist.



Do HydraClear Facials really work?

They do. Some research suggests that HydraClear Facial helps to minimise the signs of ageing much more readily than serums alone. However, these studies usually enrol a small group of people. Therefore, more evidence is needed to fully prove those claims.

Can I wash my face after HydraClear Facial?

If you want to see optimal results from your treatment, you should avoid washing your face for several hours after the procedure is over. You don’t want to get involved in any strenuous physical activity that will cause you to sweat. It’s vital that you keep the skin dry and let it reap the benefits of the facial treatment you’ve just had.

How often should you get a HydraClear Facial?

A HydraClear Facial is a deep cleansing treatment that should be used once a month. This means you need a 4-week interval between each session. This is the best way to guarantee amazing results. The skin needs some time to rest before it is subjected to yet another intervention. Also, you should not get the facial procedure if you have an active rash on the skin of your face.

Does HydraClear Facial hurt?

No. HydraClear Facial is a painless procedure. You may feel slight pressure from the sucking motion but it won’t produce any pain or discomfort. When asked about it, patients compare the feeling to a light massage.

Is HydraClear Facial safe during pregnancy?

In general, the procedure is safe for virtually everyone but you should discuss this with your ob-gyn to make sure you are a suitable candidate. In truth, there are not many clinical studies that look into the effects of HydraClear Facials on pregnant women, so no contraindications are known. However, some HydraClear Facials resort to salicylic acid peels, which are not proven safe during pregnancy.

Can a HydraClear Facial cause a breakout?

Many patients report getting a breakout after the facial procedure and this is completely normal. It goes specifically for people who are prone to breakouts. If you don’t have acne, you can still get a couple of pimples following cleansing treatments but this is a good sign. It means that the clogged pores have been decongested and whatever was clogging them is now coming out. Your skin will clear in a few days.

Does HydraClear Facial make for a radiant skin tone?

HydraClear Facial treats dull skin and makes the complexion more radiant, resulting in a more even skin tone. You will get amazing results with just one treatment.

Does HydraClear Facial work for all skin types?

Yes, the treatment is appropriate for most skin types and can be employed for almost any skin condition. If you have a sensitive skin type, you don’t have to worry about any unpleasant side effects from the facial procedure.

Does HydraClear Facial stimulate collagen production?

Yes, the treatment helps to rebuild collagen and elastin. The outcome is visible for a few weeks. With repeat sessions, you can achieve long-lasting results.

Bottom Line

All things considered, HydraClear Facial is a safe treatment that works for all skin types – check with your doctor if you are pregnant. There is no pain during the session. Patients feel comfortable all the way through. It has no downtime and produces immediate results that persist for a few weeks. One of the benefits is collagen production.

You may get pimples after the procedure. Don’t panic, this is a normal part of the cleansing process. The gentle exfoliation effects do not usually cause irritation. As a result of that, patients often favour this treatment over microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing.

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